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449 North 2nd Street

Allentown, PA  18102



Tuesday-Saturday 10 AM to 8 PM


Our Menu 

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*Customer Favorites

Lifit $3.00

Pickled turnips


Mixed Pickles $3.00


Mixed Fresh Vegetables $3.00


Labnie $3.50

Yogurt spread.  Recommended with olives!


Spiced Labnie $4.50

Our labnie spiced with mint and garlic.


Garlic Chips $3.50

Marinated toasted pita, perfect for dipping!


Zatar Chips $3.50

Blended with our mixture of arabic seasonings

Zatar and Oil  $3.00


Hummus $4.75

Chick pea dip prepared with lemon juice, garlic and sesame paste.


Hummus Special $8.00

Homous dip topped with ground meat, onions, pine nuts served with a side of pickles.


*Babaghannouj $4.75

Smoked eggplant dip blended with lemon juice, garlic & sesame paste.


Foul Moudammas (choice of oil or tahini sauce), $7.50

Fava beans with lemon juice garlic and served with dish of fresh vegetables.


Grilled Shrimp (6) $7.50

Topped with garlic sauce.


Hindbeh $4.50

Steamed endive with garlic sauce, lemon, and oil.


*Fried Zucchini $5.00

Topped with garlic and our special sauce.


Falafel $4.50

3 patties topped with tahini sauce.

*Fried Cauliflower $5.25

Topped with our tahini sauce, tomatoes & parsley.

Pickled Eggplant $4.00

Pickled and stuffed with walnuts, garlic and spicy green and red peppers.

Feta Cheese $4.50

Plate of feta cheese

Olives $4.00

Seedless and marinated in a special blend of arabic seasoning.

Cucumber Yogurt $4.00

Shankleesh $4.00

A special blend of zesty homemade village cheese.

*Surkey $5.50

Shankleesh, onions, tomatoes, parsley and olive oil.

Spinach Pie $3.00

Spinach marinated and baked in bread.

Meat Pie $3.00

Ground beef, pine nuts and sauteed onions baked in bread.

*Fried Kibbee 4 for $5.50

Crushed wheat and ground beef stuffed with sauteed onions, ground beef and pine nuts.

Vegetarian Kibbee $5.50

Crushed wheat and potato stuffed with onions, chick peas and spices.

Kibbee Kras (Grilled) $3.25

Crushed wheat and ground beef stuffed with sauteed onions, pine nuts, ground beef and spices.

Grape Leaves (12) $6.50

Stuffed with rice, spices and ground beef.

Vegetarian Grape Leaves (12) $6.50

Stuffed with rice, tomatoes, onions, parsley, lemon juice & olive oil.

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Garlic Chips

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Fried Cauliflower

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